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Song 4 of 12 is Out Now

World, meet “Haunt the World Together”. This is Song 4 of 12. 

I love this song- the creepy narrator, the incredible production (thank you And), the textures (thank you Carson for playing keys), the magnetic cover photograph (thank you Corey Gegner). This was a real joy to work on with you all. I’m so grateful to have such talented people supporting this project. 

Please take a moment to listen. Let me know what you think and consider sharing if you like what you hear. 


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'This Is JAMES A.M. DOWNES' Spotify Playlist

Yes, you can listen the finest cuts of the music I’ve written/co-written over the last few years. Includes tracks from Call It Arson, The End of America, James A.M. Downes, and Haunted Continents.

FOLLOW it to get updated every time a new song comes out!

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New Single 'The Perfect Night (To Dig)' OUT NOW

We just released a new song today. It's a tune about pushing back against the emboldened currents of bigotry. There's no room for that shit in this world. Sending out good thoughts to those need it right now.

I wrote this song after the Charlottesville attack and unfortunately it's all too relevant this week. This song serves as a reminder to myself to love with a fierceness and not look the other way when hate is present.

It made me feel a little braver to write and sing this one. Sounds corny, but it's true. If you're feeling a little down, I hope it lifts your spirits just a bit.

See you out there.

- James

(Thanks to Ryan Patrick White for vocals, Andy Seltzer for productions, Corey Gegner for photo)

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