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New Single "What Were You Born For?" OUT NOW!

"What Were You Born For?" is here! Please take a listen.

This is the first of twelve singles that I'll be releasing over the next year. One a month. So excited. I want to express my gratitude to Andy Seltzer who will produce these tunes. It's been a blast creating these songs and it's going to be a fun challenge to get a new one out every four weeks. Stay tuned! Enjoy the song below!

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New Project! Haunted Continents
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My friends, I'm excited to announce that I'll be releasing music under the moniker of Haunted Continents.

To those of you who supported me as I promoted Prison Font, I thank you and hope you'll come with me on this new expedition. I'm still James A.M. Downes. Always will be. (I'll be able to hear my mother shouting my full name at me till the end of my days.) But as the new tunes come together, I'm feeling the pull to develop a project that creates some escape, something new, something different.

In a world full of chaos and uncertainty, my goal is to create music as shelter. I'll strive, sometimes succeed, sometimes veer; but my intention will always be to look straight into the eyes of the issue and be a friend to my fellow survivors on these haunted continents.

See you out there.

- James

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