A Song a Month for a Year is Under Way! Hear Song 1 of 12

Crew, I’m excited and nervous to start releasing a song a month for a year. This year is going to be a blast and a marathon. I can’t wait to share them all with you.

September 1st, I released song 1 of 12, “What Were You Born For?”

I wrote this song after stumbling around in the occult section of a dusty NYC bookstore. I cracked open a volume about the Left Hand Path. I read about some folks who like to envision a fierce and loyal spirit animal/daemon following them, whose purpose is to guide and protect them. Essentially helping them answer the question: “What were you born for?”

With that in mind, I penned a tune that helped me coax out the answer for myself. What’s your answer?

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New Single "What Were You Born For?" OUT NOW!

"What Were You Born For?" is here! Please take a listen.

This is the first of twelve singles that I'll be releasing over the next year. One a month. So excited. I want to express my gratitude to Andy Seltzer who will produce these tunes. It's been a blast creating these songs and it's going to be a fun challenge to get a new one out every four weeks. Stay tuned! Enjoy the song below!

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