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Song 5 of 12 is Out Now!

World, meet “Nothing More to Life”. This upbeat rocker is about believing in your dreams, kicking ass, and making the most of your time on this earth. It was a blast to record and a fun and energetic addition to the ‘Year of Singles’ project. I hope you enjoy!

Big shout out to my buds and collaborators on this one: Andy SeltzerDavid's Downtown at The Gradwell HouseJarrod PedoneGreg Seltzer, and Corey Gegner.

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Song 4 of 12 is Out Now

World, meet “Haunt the World Together”. This is Song 4 of 12. 

I love this song- the creepy narrator, the incredible production (thank you And), the textures (thank you Carson for playing keys), the magnetic cover photograph (thank you Corey Gegner). This was a real joy to work on with you all. I’m so grateful to have such talented people supporting this project. 

Please take a moment to listen. Let me know what you think and consider sharing if you like what you hear. 


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